Rossouwtech is a future technology company that is dedicated to deliver greener, more efficient and cost effective solutions for everyday tasks. We devise and design imaginative, affordable, technology based products and concepts that will not only improve quality of life, but also conserve  the environment.

Rossouwtech also engineers and manufacture medical training aids through its sister company Rossouwmed. 

Rossouwmed supplies medical training aids like wound simulation kits and suture pads to the public and to medical training facilities at factory prices. Rossouwmed also designs new products and novel training aids for the medical industry.


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Rossouwtech is a semi-finalist is the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for SME’s and Startups in South Africa. ( GCIP 2016 )

GCIP - 2016

Founder and inventor Christo Rossouw was featured among international inventors in Bloomberg’s Bisinessweek Magazine (Global Tech Issue 2016).