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Transform any Lamp into an insect repellent or aroma diffuser with Lampellent. 




What is Lampellent?
Lampellent is a repellent heater that complements most bulb types.The device is equipped with a heat sink that collects heat energy from a lamp to vaporize insecticide in matt and liquid form, making any lamp an insect repellent.
No electricity is required. For installation simply slide the Lampellent device onto a screw or bayonet type bulb and reinstall.


∙Needs no electricity to function

∙Compatible with most insect repellent liquids or mats sold  at supermarkets

∙One of the most affordable repellent products on the  market (+- R10,00 – R15,00 at retail)

∙Transform almost any lamp into a mosquito repellent wit a  low cost diffuser heater !!!!

Compatible with both mat and liquid refills


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The Lampellent product has the ability to transform just about any lamp into a insect repellent or aroma diffuser.
It is compatible with numerous diffuser or heater refills on the market and does not use electricity or batteries to function.
It costs a fraction of what other diffusers, vaporisers or heaters on the market costs and refills can last for up to three months.
The Lampellent product is heat operated and start working within 3min – 5min after the lamp is switched on, providing that room with a fresh aroma or an insect repellent, keeping pesky insects like disease carrying mosquitoes and flies as well as other fling insects clear of the light.

Ever wondered why insects always buzz around the light?

Mosquitoes, Flies, moths and other flying insects that have positive phototaxis are attracted to light.
Phototaxis is an organism’s automatic response to light. Those with positive phototaxis automatically move toward it.
Insects that experience negative phototaxis are repulsed by light. Examples of insects that experience negative phototaxis are earthworms and cockroaches.
The Lampellent is a sure way to keep insects at bay from around the bed lamp or night light, the dinning room table and even the outside light.

How does a diffuser or heater work?
Heat diffusers use heat to gently heat aroma or repellent containing oil and disperse the vapor into a room