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Rossouwmed design and manufactures medical training aids. We supply to the medical training industry as well as the public at factory prices.

Our local manufacturing capability allows us to offer products at pricing well below that of imports from the US, Europe and even Asia.

We also custom design and manufacture to client specifications.Products are manufactured from high quality materials at our facility. We offer package branding  for bulk orders.

Please contact us for any inquiries and pricing.                                                                                                                                    +27 76 309 8988

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Our strap-on trauma range is compatible with most first-aid manikins on the market and also suitable for use on human candidates.

Strap on

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Our 22 piece wound simulation kit is equipped with 22 life-like and durable silicone wounds and offers a user friendly, mess-free training exercise. Velcro bands are applied to the “patient” and the wounds sticks onto the belts.   Please click on the images below to enlarge for a more detailed graphics.



This knot tying suture pad is great for suture training and also gives the experienced professional an opportunity to brush up on suturing  skills. The pad is manufactured from a soft washable silicone rubber and offers multiple uses. The pad size is 15mm x 150mm x 10mm.

Soft Tissue

The Stick-on wound simulation kit consists of 30 reusable stick-on wounds that were recreated from life-like or real wounds.  This is by far the most affordable and user-friendly wound training set on the market. The average wound size is +- 70mm x 30mm and is supplied in a compact carry case of 125mm x 90mm in diameter.

Stick - on.2